COVID19 : If You Have This Face Mask To Defend Against Corona Virus , Keep It Aside And Buy A New One

COVID19 : If You Have This Face Mask To Defend Against Corona Virus , Throw It Away And Buy A New One

Face Mask With Valve is Not A Good Choice


In case you’re wearing a face mask with a little plastic valve implanted in it, you should realize that valves reduces the effectiveness  of the cover—and this is genuine whether your mask is a tool shop N95 or a creator fabric one.
These valves permit breathed out breath to sidestep the channel. At the point when you take in, the air you inhale gets filtered by the mask but  when you exhale out, it does not get filtered.
It’s because the mask just works a one way.
Mask with valves which filter only inhaled air are useful when we clean our dirty places where we face lots of dirt, in some industries where we are more likely to inhale dangerous particles or in case of dust-storms. In this CORONA pandemic time, these masks can be helpful only for one person (The one who uses it), but definitely not for the people around them. If someone uses such masks , they will exhale air unfiltered. In case they have any infection, it will spread out and put others life in danger.
Cities around the world are trying to ban these masks which are not good for society overall.
So  we have to choose a mask which works both ways : When we inhale it should filter the air and when we exhale it should again filter the air.
Following type of mask can be a better option for use in CORONA time. Consult to infections disease specialist for better understanding.
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